Monday, April 23, 2012

Simple Things

  Hi. . .  I'm a little excited because it looks like it might be warm today. Which means I can plant my little plants today. So hopefully. . .

  Do you ever panic at the thought that there are so many things going on on this planet that we can't see because we're in the middle of Kansas? Or whatever spot you may be in. I panic. Which is ridiculous. But I still do. . . . & then I realize that it's going on right in front of my eye-balls. Genius of me to come to my senses, huh?

In the bathroom:

In sis's room :

& In our own back yard :

 . . . .  and now I must get back to my "list". You know how it was when you were 17? You would NEVER EVER be anything like your mom, because of course you were much smarter. Here I sit staring at  my list that looks exactly like the ones my mom used to write. How I DREADED those pieces of paper with the rows & rows of "to do" things, like clean the fridge, vaccum the furniture, and so on. ( I used to hide under my bed reading, pretending to be dusting) Now there is one sitting on my own table. Life. Sis is sleeping where the sun is shining on the floor in her pink & white striped outfit looking like an angel, so while that is going on I will bustle around here & try not to make noise. Typically I drop everything I pick up, run head-on into all our furniture, & accidentally leave my phone on "loudest setting ever" while she is sleeping. So wish me luck, & I hope you all have a good monday & something fun to do. ( not a list anyways )

Friday, April 20, 2012


       So today I have no cute pics & my writing skills seem a bit dried up:) But I will bore you anyway.
Not a whole lot going on in these parts, mainly frisbee golf. It is my new love in life, which is mighty strange, due to the fact that it can't really be found in the "craft" section. It is fun though. To bad I didn't have my camera along the last couple of times we went. We managed to get a frisbee in the lake, after which hubby decides to try to get it while I sat by & chuckled rather loudly, poor guy, but it was entertaining. Then we lodged it in the crotch of a tree. . . which took the better part of an hour and 147 sticks later plus 19 rocks to finally get it down. Actually I think the wind dislodged the silly thing.
   My other love: Stone Creek nursery in Hesston. One of my friends asked me if I wanted to go, and away we went. I would highly reccomend it, they had everything from A-Z. So if you want something to do. . . .

   Well little missy is bored, guess chewing on her play "pad" is no longer fun. . . so I will go try to entertain her now. You all have a good weekend.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We had a little friend over yesterday.
Funny thing, their "due date" was actually
2 weeks apart.

Little people entertain themselves in a funny way.

I never did figure out what was so
all-fired important over there on the right???



Cute, huh?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Some Ideas

This little muffet slept 11 & 1/2 hours last night.

Now. . . this is a bit silly. . . but since life has
given us little girls, I've fallen in love with little
girl clothes. So I tried to sew some shoes.
J's sister & I are going to do a "craft show"
& I was thinking of sewing little shoes & dresses.
Now these in the above picture are a bit wonky. . .
& you can see the seam. So I have wracked my
brain until it no longer works on how to perfect these
little guys. I thought perhaps one of you
brilliant people out there, might
have the ticket? I went to Wal-Mart (the only
place in town) to get a pattern, but it was the
one and only pattern they were out of :(
Anyhoo. . . .
that is all for today. Hope you all
have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Short Note:

  This morning, after I had made my creamer with a little bit of coffee, I was stacking away yet ANOTHER package of sis's diapers. . . . & all of the sudden it hit me just how much she has grown since the first time a diaper was put on her. I snapped a pic for you to see. The blue pen is to put the size into perspective. Isn't it nuts? The funny part is. . . I was determined to be a little "earthy" and go with cloth diapers whilst I was yet in the pregnancy stage. Tee-hee. . . like that really panned out. I think a kleenex would have worked just fine in the beginning. Might have even been a smidge baggy. Not so much now. Daddy & me have a lot to be thankful for:)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dreary Day Fun

I came home from my walk yesterday evening,
and found the rest of my family sleeping.

Before bed. Don't you want to "squish"
those cheeks?

This is my seahorse. . . that is
in the picture above. J's sister made
this piece of art. Actually I think it was
for sis's room, but I nabbed it
for my own. I suppose when she's
bigger, I'll have to give it up.

Yes, I decorated my sleeping child

What else do you do when you
can't go outside?

And. . . no, she did not wake up.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Activities

 Hope you all had a lovely Easter:) We did. Sis didn't get to go on an egg hunt, mainly because we aren't quite at the walking stage yet, heaven help us when we are. I also didn't get a "shot" of her in her easter "get-up" because I forgot. She did wear some white tights ( & some other clothes ) and sat as still as a mouse in church. It scares me for later. Now we think she acts angelic, ask me in a year what I think she acts like then :) Here are some pics of our weekend.

Guess who got a shower?

Give me that thing.


little friends

more friends

Cute little boy by a cute little car.

little family :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012


     . . . . Okay, this has nothing to do with our wonderful little "Allison" twins, & this is a bit weird to blog at 7:07 on a week night, & it might actually throw me off schedule just a bit, no really I don't have a schedule. I only do as my small daughter bids.

  Back to the reason I am blogging at a strange time: I was feeding little mini daughter of ours and Josh had turned the TV on to the National Geographic Channel and so I was watching all of these different kinds of fish. I suppose the general population realizes that I have a fettish with seahorses, they are beautiful and the man is the one who gets "pregnant". Yay for lady seahorses.  I have always secretely dreamed of being a seahorse. . .  and now I am wondering if I wouldn't rather be a couple of different sea creatures. There is a certain fish that looks translucent, ( I cannot remember what his name is ) with bright colored spots on him, & he "guards" this little crab while he cleans his house. Now who wouldn't want to guard a crab while he cleaned out his house down under the sea? So while Mr. Crab is shoveling sand out of his house with his giant "mouth" at 90 miles an hour, Mr. Spotted Fish is watching for predators. When he spots one he just shoves Mr. Crab back down in his hole of a sandhouse with his "see-thru" fin & all is well for busy Mr. Crab. I think it a very clever creation. Isn't it amazing all the things God created that we don't even realize? Makes me feel as though I don't really have THAT much to worry about. Now I am going to eat a turkey burger that hubby just grilled. Thanks for the ear:)

One of the most intriguing. . . .
He is a "leafy sea dragon"

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

From Under the Umbrella

   . . . dripping with raindrops we say HELLO in a world of "green". I love waking up to the rain and thunder. Makes it hard to crawl out of bed, but there is this "thing" that doesn't believe in sleeping in, romantic rain or not.

  Today was sis's first time of eating real food. Green beans of all things. I'm not to sure that I would want my food introduction to be green beans but then, I'm not sure what I would want it to be. Skittles? Or even better yet, Twix. Nothing like crunchy & caramel between chocolate. BUT. . . . there is also the mini Butterfingers blizzard. On the other side of the coin, there are beets. I know they taste like dirt, but I love them. Perhaps it is because their "color" is so pretty. I feel like a distinguished lunch lady when I have a few magenta beets off to the side of my "healthy" salad buried under a pile of mostly poppyseed dressing. Ridiculous I realize. Enough of that. . . here she is in all her green glory :)

She actually fits into a high chair. Even if she did weigh
2 pounds & a whopping 9 ounces.

The face this little girl has is definitely
one of my favorite "creations"

Wait. . . . What?

I think I can. . . I think I can.

Giggles & grins. . .

to crocodile tears. I guess 9 & 1/2 bites will
suffice for today.

& now we smell like a green bean.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


  . . .  to the world at large. Today I do not feel very witty, funny, poetic, or "writer-ish". I think my typing skills went and dried up, or ran off to a remote island. My question is, why didn't they take me? I know this weather today is dreary, but I'm rather happy for the coolness. Last night the house was so warm. Don't you just love when you feel like your arms and legs & every limb that you have is sticking to yourself? Makes you feel downright chubby. I didn't think turning the AC on was a probable thing to do. After all this is Kansas, and this is the beginning of April. . . now, who turns their AC on this early in the year?  Just as long as it doesn't get to cold and freeze my poor little snap-dragons. What a name, huh?

 The squares following are of sis after her nap, & the bottle is her first "juice" bottle. Didn't think she'd go for it but instead she gulped it. :)

Blatant ignoring

Silly pair

Sugar high