Wednesday, July 1, 2015

This Land

   Is mine. And I suppose I'll share it with you. Back in the day, I was NEVER coming back.  EVER. No sirree Bob. I was a tad lofty I do believe.  Now you couldn't get me to leave. I'm sitting here by the light of the moon. You ever noticed it, really truly noticed?  It's a glorious shinning Lacy Orb, suspended, yet, always moving. I'm telling you, it's awfully romantic. Speaking of romance, you wanna know how we're introduced?  & not just once,  nope.

Hi !! , here is SueVaun
Here is her husband
Isn't he cute?
& here is Olivia and Bodie. 

   So I've been pondering,  this could be a win win situation for me. I could run around in my undies, pretty sure no one would notice,  wouldn't have to spend money, wouldn't have to wash clothes,  or fold them, or stare at them for 17 days before I decided to hang them up. It's quite an awakening. 

   ....and I get to live with Mr Cuteness himself. Who is probably slobbering on my pillow right about now. TeeHee. He will love that I wrote that. 

  Now for the pics.