Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Peter Rabbit

Went on her first walk yesterday. We have
been itching to take the little lady
on a walk for eons now. Well four months
I guess you could say.

Getting. . .

. . . . ready

Wouldn't have any idea that Dad
was excited.

Yes. . .  I made him hold that pose for a
short little spell. I got my jollies out of it, &
it won't be too long now until they are
really running together.

Miles behind. HELP ME PLEASE when J decides
it's time to hike the Grand Canyon.
Supposedly we are doing that someday.
Most likely I will rent one of those donkey-mule

Sound asleep. She was so out of it that J
said "OLIVIA" and her limbs went flying out
as her itty bitty body jumped. She had
no idea that we were in the great
outdoors. Sheltered child. J's sister calls
her the bubble baby.

When we got home. Didn't even blink.
So I'm assuming she enjoyed it.

So after I had made coffee this morning. .it is a complete & total stapel, staple, staypul, (however you spell that word) nowadays, along with the 3/4 cup of creamer. . . I looked out the window & found the fog. I have always loved the fog. There is something about it that makes you want to be in no-man's land with your favorite, can't lay it down book, or should I say Kindle? and the afghan that grandma crocheted, & the best little family in the world. Hopefully they are asleep  so I can read. LOL. I really dislike that little lol thing, but so often it says what you mean without having to type a whole sentence. So even tho I REALLY dislike it I use it. Now I must fold the laundry on the couch, wash the crusty dishes, pick up the 114 things on the kitchen table, sweep the hair off the bathroom floor (AGAIN) & try to shower before the clock chimes 2. Good Luck to me & a wonderful tuesday to you.

Monday, January 23, 2012


. . .  really are for the birds. I always thought once I finally turned into a "stay-at-home" mom, Mondays wouldn't be so dreadful, but in all reality they still are. I wonder if it is just the mind set? Because you do laundry on tuesdays & thursdays. The floors need swept everyday, the bathroom faucet is most often creatively adorned with "Crest Whitening Paste" and my toes always get tangled in hair. (my own, which makes it even worse) Too bad my sister or some other female doesn't live here so I could at least holler at someone else for the inconvenience. Nope, it's just me. My husband likes the shaved head look & my daughter has worn most of hers off in her sleep. So I just spend my time annoyed at myself. Speaking of the daughter, she is sleeping on the couch with her butt humped up in the air. Sometimes it omits these noises that make me blush. She has no thought of lady-like business whatsoever. With her & Dad around here, we have a regular chorus.

  Her cute little body begs for squeezing. It always amazes me how annoyed you can be at night. Not once when I was "excpecting" did I think of the nighttime's. Well I do now. I can never understand how she manages to wake up at the oddest times & wants to eat. Who wants to eat formula in the middle in the night? Olivia. Then follows the whole routine that has suddenly become a way of life. Rock for 20 minutes, put her in bed, & creep ever so slowly back to your own bed  & hit every CREEKING floorboard in this house. We never even knew we had squeaky floorboards. It came as a total shock to J & I. Sometimes the squeak sounds more like a siren. . . . and just when you've got the sheet 3 inches under your chin, the pillow fluffed and one corner folded under, you hear the squirming, followed by many many whimpers. So it's rock for another 20 minutes, stand up EVER SO SLOWLY, move one foot closer to the crib and then the other follows, hold your breath and start the ever time consuming decent into the crib. . . . & then the pacifier sneaks out of her mouth and lands on the floor, missing the quiet rug, hitting the wood. And so begins round 3. . .  and that's when you can barely see past the sand paper, that the little mite starts smiling. So the last 2 hour episode fades into the past, & you are once again delighted beyond measure to have a little girl all snuggly in her PJ's smelling like Johnson & Johnson. What a roller-coaster life has become.

   So. . . this is a bit off of the subject but I had no idea it was to snow yesterday. My lovely husband was doing the dishes & I decided to peer out the window (stalling the dish drying process) & this is what I found. There is nothing as romantic as a small town at night, under the blanket of falling snow. Wrapped under the most comfortable blanket we have, I stood on the porch and watched. It was breath-takingly quiet & gorgeous. Sometimes for 5 seconds I think I miss the big city bustle, with all of the Thai, Indian, Morracon, & Chinese restaraunts. The little art stores on every corner, the 5 lane traffic. The horizon lite with city lights at night, the metro hauling people here and there. . . and then I realize that I love my life. While the city serves its purpose, I am meant for smaller things. Like a little town buried in snow. . .& the neighbors yard light shining on my porch.


The wind was lightly blowing my lantern, but I still
thought it was pretty. Now to you all, a happy
entertaining Monday minus laundry.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Chunky Child

 Well yesterday was the little ladie's 4 month checkup (where in the scare does the time go?). I was impatiently awaiting the blinking screen on the Drs. scale in hopes she had gotten bigger, ( & I want to get smaller. . . isn't life a paradox?) last month she was 7 lbs. 11 oz. & this month she was 10 lbs. 11 oz. We are ecstatic to say the least. This 2 pound whopper of a child really is growing. This morning when she did her usual "alarm" call, I found her with her legs jammed straight into the crotch area of her sleeper, never mind that there is a place for feet, and & her diaper was 3 inches below her "crack" line. You tell me what these little people do at night. I would like to know. Maybe a night time magical world really does exist. Perhaps Peter Pan whisked her off. Don't tell Dad, he says she isn't having a cell phone until 35 & she's not getting married until 40-ish. She has no idea what she is in for, but I'm sure when it comes to these two, I will be sufficiently entertained in my future. She is currently laying on her belly & she spit out the pacifier & then started wailing because it didn't "walk" its way back into her mouth. Anyhoo. . .she has started rolling over & smiling like crazy. The other day I made a complete fool out of myself trying to get her to smile, didn't get it accomplished & then Dad came home & 3 seconds later she was smiling like a chessy cat at the man. Now I will get off my soap box and show you some pics. . .

Trying to get somewhere. . .

This is hard work. . .

. . . & she has no idea that she just
rolled over. It was the first time I actually
caught her in the act.

Nap time.

Trying to say my piece.

See how cool I am?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Before & After

No we are not redo-ing our kitchen. Before & after
implies what happens b & a this little lady
of ours eats. Amazing what a little
formula in the belly can accomplish. . .
apparently head bands are a no go.
What do you think?
Let me remind you that
this is also the child that supposedly
has "immature" lungs. Not too
sure I buy that.

& after the formula. So happy, it looks like
she can barely focus. Silly Willy child.

This is a different day. . . but I love it.
She is staring intently at
an object that really is invisible
to the rest of us. . . but
there is no doubt that she sees it.