Wednesday, December 30, 2015

About Bread

   Here I am .... drinking my hot tea ... I just shot a couple squeezes of Sugar Plum Fairy bath soap into my running water. It's purple ... and glittery...and ever so smelly good.

  I stayed up last night and made a batch of Mark Bittmans no knead bread.  Google it Ladies and Gents. It is so incredibly easy. I would write it down for you but it makes much more sense reading his instructions. It's a beautiful pound and a half loaf of bread.

  I've been feeling very accomplished♡

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


  Here it is 7:35 .... I'm scrambling like a mad woman to get my dishes done,  a few loads of laundry finished,  the house picked up & my hair washed before I hear my littles wake up.

...the back door opens 3 inches ... scares me to death .... but I notice the sky. It is this most lavish bright pink you've ever seen. It actually made the air turn a color ... if that is even possible.  And it hit me, God opened my door this morning so I would stop and consider Him and  His glory. It could have been the wind...but He made the wind. The world is beautiful right now. It is waking slowly,  ready for a new day.

Take heart beautiful wonderful creatures that you all are. He has made you in HIS image. Stop and smile at the world hustling by you. He shines thru you, he wraps you in his arms, & He`ll take your worries that are Mountains and turn them into insignificant piles, He who parts the Red Sea, The Master Artist Himself. His power knows no bounds.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Wanna know something ?

Sometimes I think Cerebral palsy is beautiful.
Once in a great while, I get horrifically mad at it.
But not as much anymore.
Sometimes I think she sees Angels.
Someday she will be one.
Bless your heart dear child.
You have blessed mine♡

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Christ Child

It is.

It is past midnight.

I should be sleeping ... but I thot I'd tell you this first. I'll show you our last advent tag. . . I've fell off the wagon due to a pesky little flu bug that rather knocked my stockings off. Dear Lovely wonderful Joshua Deane took care of me plus the kiddos.  I will ramble about him in the upcoming future. Prepare yourself.

  Tonight after eating supper at Mimis house. We drove around and saw Christmas lights.  One house in particular has its lights tuned to the radio. Our eyes held the feast of dancing lights.

One of my all time faves .... Drummer Boy

It starts playing. "I'll play my drum for him"

& boom. The Christ Child took on a whole new meaning in my heart.   No...not the image...not the illustration. ..not the plastic nativity Christ. The alive, wiggling baby boy, with bright eyes, and little feet. Can you imagine being one of Mary's friends and asking her if you can hold her baby? The Christ Child in your very arms? And looking into the face of the one Most High?

Friday, December 4, 2015


   The 2nd tag in our wee handmade advent calendar is a Shepherd.

This is proving to be a lot of fun. So start dreaming about yours for next year. Christmas is only 3 weeks away !  Where does the time go? Do they sell freezing potion for kiddos so you can keep them at a certain size for a good while? I'll check Amazon. Perhaps it's just a click away♡

  I have found a new love for acrylic paint.  It thrills my soul. I get a milk chocolate out of hiding .... make a coffee or an iced tea ... or a left over Dr. Pepper ... sit by the window where the winter sun is sstreaming in .... and I paint while the small frys supposedly nap. Try it girls.

Happy beautiful Friday

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Advent Calendar

   I got reeeeeeeaaaallly inspired today to make my children an Advent Calendar.  I have recently become obsessed with acrylic paint....and gift tags...and....ya...anything that costs money.

   I'll try to post a little tiny update every day on here. We'll see how that goes. I got some cute little craft bags and just a few cheap little things to put inside. Then I want to paint something from the nativity scene for every day. Today was a sheep. Yes .... I missed yesterday . I didn't get inspired until today, remember?

I hung it up with my chain tree garland & my holly berry thingy. My dining room table is pathetic.  I asked Josh what he thot of it. He said "I do my best not too look" .

  So there you have it. I'm officially a hoarder.

Pictures to follow. Other than the above things mentioned .... is sissy standing in her table ... have you ever ??? Cutest thing ever ... then there's her brother waiting for the train. I kid you not. If there's chwain chwacks .... there's bound to be a train. How do you convince a 2 year old otherwise? You don't.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


   I just finished one of my favorite winter time activities.  I found a board that fits across the bathtub .... scrounge up four candles ... my good old King James ...fixed hot tea, heavy on the honey...

And ran some water.

And sat and read and drank.

In absolute silence.

Try it girlfriend.

As for the rest of my day .... previous to the soaking ... I took care of my four children. My father in law constantly reminds me that I have 3. He's wrong ... I have four. My hubby ... my girl... my boy... our dog....

Oh ....then there's the cat. She curls up on the frozen pumpkin right outside the window while I'm wrecking havoc in my kitchen trying to feed my actual 2 kids breakfast ... waiting for her milk... not any ordinary milk mind you ... but milk that's been warmed for 25 seconds.  Do I look like I have 25 seconds? ?????? That cat has weird eyes.  They do strange things ... like talk to me thru the window.