Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Days of Our Lives

   . . .  I have missed chatting with the outside world. It's been a month since I have, due to the fact that my batteries were dead in my camera & I simply could not remember to get myself some more. Difficult task, that one. Now. . . you may as well go grab whatever you're drinking because I may very well go off on a tangent.
   What have we been up to. . .? Olivia is currently on a Josh kick. You explain that one to me, she'll holler with me, snuggle with him. They both then stare at me with with a smug face, I could be making that up but don't bother to tell me. He discovered that if he "hums" to her she will do it right back to him. It is the cutest thing, & I never get sick of it. I'm just delighted that her little brain is catching on to "copying". . . it is the only way she will learn to communicate with us. She is growing like a weed and a delight to our life. We now have to use a detangle spray for the mop that is wildly abundant on the top of her head. . .  so I get to comb my "alive" doll. The poor child puts up with it.

     What to expect when you're expecting. . . . now, I have never read that particular book front to back but I'm seriously thinking of writing my own version & in the pages I will put down what really goes on when you're an alive incubator. They never say that you will fart outloud in Dick's Sporting Goods and then have to run for cover, they don't clue you in about getting dyslexia, ( I now say slouser tracks instead of trouser slacks) . . .or that your dreams get wild and crazy. I dreampt the other night that my brother & I were at a giant city that was in complete ruin. In the middle was a roaring river where, my bro snatched up a sting-ray, bite off its left back leg and we proceeded to float the river on the sting-ray. Sting-rays most certainly do not have legs, but mine do. And breathing. . . I no longer breathe. . . I gasp & pant & huff my way around the house. It's a lot of fun. Addictions??? Never did that book say just how much you LOVE Wendy's homestyle chicken sandwiches. I keep the place in business. . . . nor, does it tell you that you won't recognize your husband.

  Need a whole paragraph for this one. . .  maybe its because I'm 30 & spouting out kids, but nowadays there just aren't cute men, sorry boys, or it could be the fact that I'm married & much to worried about laundry to bother even noticing. Last Saturday morning we drove to Inman & went to a little lumber store. After awhile I haul sis out & Josh stays inside to wait the line out. I'm sitting in the front seat with Olivia on what little lap I have left, when out of the corner of my eye I see this guy. . . . . . you know. . .black cap, gray sweatshirt, wind pants over long legs. . . & this fat whale is thinking. . .hmmmmmm. . . . . not to shabby. . . as he goes to the trunk of another car (to get some nails I now know). . . .nice view. . .hate to see you leave, love to watch you go type of deal. . . I of course quit looking and start jabbering to small daughter because I already have a cute hubby, inside waiting in line, only he wasn't waiting in line, the cute guy was Josh, same guy I ate b&g with at my breakfast table an hour ago, same guy's shorts I fold every other day. . . same guy I'm MARRIED to. You would think I could figure that out in about a second or a little less, wouldn't you? . . .  and I have 13 weeks left to go.

The Cherub

2 peas in a pod

. . . Little Man. I think these tend
to look a little "alienish" but perhaps
you can make out the face.