Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dimples & Parsley

   The other day while feeding "small daughter" chicken noodle soup, I was so intent upon the job I barely noticed what had happened. Not that is was so earth shattering, but it was funny. In her dimple on the chin was a parsley flake. Now isn't it funny that her dimple is concave enough in which to store parsley? I of course went scrambling for the camera in order to show the rest of the world. Someday she will not think it as funny as I & I may have to erase the evidence, but as of now I think it mighty entertaining.

& this is just to show you how cute
the side profile is of a child with a concave

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Big Job

. . . of waking up

& Winnie gets the excess. A bit of a "blustery"
day for him.

A big Olivia hug to you.
I am watching it rain & there is
this tiny drenched bird chowing down & dripping
on the bird feeder. A little wet never keeps a
guy from eating.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


    Hello from dreary Barcelona. . .  ( wouldn't it be fun to be from somewhere cool sounding?) I am drinking my coffee & creamer, delighted that it's cloudy, & little miss Olivia is still sleeping.  I had to take the little munchkin into the neurologist the other day, & let me tell you, I dread Drs. offices with more than a purple passion. You get the sleeping child up, feed them, pack them into their carseat & drive an hour, only to wait for 35 minutes & then have him in the room a total of 7 minutes. After which he said that now was the time to start the tyke on medication. I about spit my teeth at the man. I am no angel. Supposedly a muscle relaxant is just the ticket. I said to him, "what are the side effects?" He says, "she will most likely sleep alot". Now tell me, who wants their child to sleep all day? I guess it is for "discomfort" & I will insert this little fact, she doesn't seem to be in any. That child will more than let you know if something is bothering her. He said our other option was to come up there once every 3-4 months and get a BOTOX injection. You got it, Botox. Which gets put right into her muscle, which I'm sure is painful. So needless to say I left that white pastey room in a huff. I know that she has high muscle tone, but I also know that we will not sit by & watch her just get "stiff". If someday she gets to the point where we feel like she is hurting, then we will consider doing something to help her, but I guarantee we will check out more options than just those 2. You ever feel like a tiger in a box?

    The bright side to the situation is that we have the McKids ladies that come here at least once a week, & we are EXTREMELY grateful to have them in our lives. Otherwise I think we would feel a bit lost. They have seen & helped so many children that they have a "wealth of information" for us. . . AND little Olivia loves them, so that makes the situation much much better. Plus they bring her things, we are doing her room in Dr. Suess, & they brot us 2 stuffed characters from the books, & they've even made her blankets that are black, white & red so she can see them easier. That is a precious few of the things they have done for us, we cannot thank them enough=)

  You know how you shiver & shudder over the thought that you might turn into something such as a hoarder? That is one of my pet peeves. . . but I will say I love "stuff", or perhaps it is the hunting for the bargain that I enjoy even more. It is much more fun to shell out a quarter for something instead of the usual $13.99. Here are my newest "finds". . . . & yes I am well aware of the fact that I jump from one subject to the next.




P.S. I LOVE salt & pepper shakers. Ever
notice how many shapes there are?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

All in a Day's Work

 So forgive me when I ramble incessantly on this blog. Don't you think whoever invented blogs could have come up with a better word? Blog. . . don't like it.

  B.O. (before Olivia) I used to sit on the toilet & talk Josh's ear off after work while he showered, now Olivia doesn't think that sitting on a toilet in the middle of "fog" is any fun whatsoever. So I chatter online.

  Here she is. . .  and doesn't think life is a party. . . but we think she is:)

My cupcakes today for a bridal shower:

  P.S. I have a few left over, and since they go straight to my hips I will offer them to you:)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sticky Situation

I figure the pics are more entertaining
than I. . . So to you all, have a
wonderful day.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

After the Rain

   Comes daydreaming & Hibiscus blooms. I was so happy to see those raindrops yesterday I could have cried outloud. . . .  & now today I must do up some peaches. My kitchen will never be the same due to the "sticky" that peaches create. Wish me luck, or even better, drive over & slosh around my kitchen with me.

Chunky Little Miss Olive with her buddy =)

I have decided to start making cupcakes
for people to buy. I'm sure it won't be a booming
business but I just want to have a little
fun here and there.

All packaged up.

Last night when I peeked outdoors, here were my
stubborn Hibiscus plants all full of blooms.
I have talked to them, screamed at them,
watered them until I'm blue in the
face to no avail. Along comes the rain
and that did the trick.

Now, here is where I need help with
the daydreaming part. I have
"inherited" all of these old vintage
hankies & I want to make a quilt, but I have
no idea how to assemble these
little swatches of fabric. I figure the bunny
belongs to the little cherub. I'm about
to get some extra wrinkles in
my forhead over the whole deal. So
bring on the suggestions.

. . . . & last but not least. . .  my craft room floor.
On which I do my dreaming. In the basement was this
ugly little room with blue burbur carpet.
If you have an ugly little room in your
house do not let it go to waste. Simply tear
up the carpet, While your hubby
is at work, sweep up after yourself, and
then scrounge around in the clearance aisle
for already mixed up paint. . .  7$ later
you will have a fun little floor.
Here is where my musings stop, because cherub
has finished her 12 minute wake-up routine, & thinks
she must start the day off by eating. Do little people do anything

P.S. if you want to entertain yourself. . . go to
& you will be ever so inspired. My sis turned me onto
her "page". I guess she lives not to far from my family (who thinks
they need to live on the moon or further) in Idaho. You
may not find it as entertaining as I do, but after looking at it I felt the
same way as I do right after a cup of coffee, (with a quarter cup of creamer).

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Not Forgotten

. . .  are any of you. It's been nearly 2 months since I looked at this site. I feel like I should update you on our life, but we are the same . . . J & I have went to the next age "number" & Olivia is not far behind. . . she will be a year old come September. I no longer have a reason to have baby "fat". What is that stuff called now? Have any creative ideas? She's growing like a weed, becomimg more opinionated, realizes that she rules the roost around here. She may weigh only 20 pounds or so but she throws that weight around awfully well. She has a tooth & another busting the surface so if you insert your finger in her mouth your liable to come out with a nub.
   We moved to a different house so we have been figuring out which light bulb is attached to what switch, which noise is the house & what is the ghost, trying to learn the language the stove top speaks, taking card board to the dump, watching the pet rabbit in the back yard as well as figuring out EXACTLY which bird seed the birds supposedly won't eat, ( who knew birds were so picky?) wondering how we acquired so much junk, & last but not least, painting truffula trees on Olivia's walls. (Dr.Suess inspiration) That, in short is our new life.

This morning after bananas

talk about ignoring

I like this one, but it takes an act of congress to get
her to look at the camera. silly child.

Have A good day.