Wednesday, February 29, 2012


    I should have been a comedian. After all, these faces that will be following shortly, keep popping up on little muffet's face. Or maybe she thinks I should wash and comb my hair. Woe unto you that has curly hair, because in the mornings you tend to look as though you survived a mild tsunami. I cannot blame it on a rough night, because she decided to trick me again and sleep all the way through it. Having children reminds me of a roller coaster. Then you give them a bath, a few spritz's of Johnson & Johnson. . . and they live happily ever after.

See what I mean?

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . it was then through bleary eyes I noticed
her feet grinning at me. So, as much as I would LOVE to
type some very important stuff down here, I MUST go
do something with the hair.

Monday, February 27, 2012


    die awful quick, don't they? Hence the reason there are no new pics of Olivia. She is currently swinging in her little swing, smacking her lips, with her arms going 90 miles an hour. It's funny  how fast their little limbs go.

  Not a whole lot of new stuff going on here. Trying to figure out what I'm going to do next. It was so beautiful outside yesterday. Since we live by the park we have people pouring by on nice days. Don't even have to go to the airport to people watch. I just sit on the brown chair with my feet up, hoping they can't see in. Figure on being watched if you walk by our house. The other day while digging clothes out of the dryer, I seen a car on the yard, and with a jolt I thought I had company, only to realize it was my car and that it was me at my house. Downhill slide in the brain region.

   On the bright side, we drove by Dillons yesterday, and they are setting up the concrete block tables for the flowers. Soon we'll be pulling weeds and wondering how it can be so cold in the winter.

  I have now officially decided to shower, then wash the dishes, and then try to make some cards. Ever noticed how tedious it is? I'm sure if O could talk she would tell you hi. Her "thing that she sucks on" fell out of her mouth, and since she hasn't figured out the picking it up and putting it back in, she thinks if she wiggles her lips just so, and grunts 3 times, it will pop back in. Entertaining child.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

   There is just something about the sunshine. I was looking out the window this morning & saw a mom walking down the sidewalk with a red wagon that had a top over it and two little tykes riding inside. I let her get a ways from the house so she didn't think I was staring at her and poked my nose out the door and discovered a beautiful day. I was instantly happy, not that I wasn't happy before, I just all of the sudden felt as though my soul had windows. . .  & I couldn't help but think of Lizzy. I suppose she is up there running around & all of her days are sunshine. Wouldn't it be fun if there was a little bridge from here to heaven & she could come & have a play-date with sister? We miss her so much,but the fact remains that we do not do the choosing, and even though sometimes it stabs your heart and you have a moment of panic wondering if you will ever get over it, you have to. So you have no choice but to crawl out of the black hole that you momentarily fell into and go about your life.

   . . .  and we have this beautiful little lady here with us now. At night when she is sleeping we stare at her in fascination, it's hard to remember the 2 pound & something little baby she used to be. She has done fabulous inspite of what life has thrown to her. I could ramble about  her for days. Silly mom thing. J & I look at each other and say "Man is she cute" about 17 hundred times a day. We are broken records. After her nap, I think we will go on a walk around the park. You think if we fed the ducks she would catch on? Here  she is "sleeping" fooling no one.

Monday, February 20, 2012

After Supper Hour

 Sorry it's taken me so long to post another blog. I would love to say its been because I'm so desperately busy, when in reality I've been at home running from one room to another, laughing & talking to the kiddo, putting stuff in the fridge that goes in the microwave, saying goose jack instead of juice glass, & finding it  hard to climb out of the PJ's. Today we had to go to Newton to get a shot that's suppose to prevent RSV. I thought for sure we were gonna sail off in a tornado but instead we just drove through some hail. I felt so bad, she was laying on the Drs. table in her diaper smiling & trying to "talk" & BAM in went that horrid nasty needle that I really dispise. I always thought other mom's were weenies that didn't like their kiddos to get shots & now I'm exactly the same way. Needless to say she screamed. On a happier note, she went to bed @ 9:30 last night and woke up @ 7:10. I woke up in a fog. Who sleeps over 4 hours at one shot? I went into her room and realized I hadn't seen her for about 9 hours. It was a silly thought & I found out I had missed the little mite. She has changed so much the last week or two. I really wish I could freeze her right now. I love this size. Here she is in her frog outfit after supper tonite.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy. .

. . .Valentine's Day

This is the first dress-wearing experience.
Not sure what she thinks.

Way past her bedtime

& why not sleep on the laundry pile?

Hope  you all are having a good Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Miss Chunky Cheeks

Yes, I know she's too little for this
chair, but that doesn't mean we can't try it out

The last couple of days she seems GIANT to me.
Check out those wrists.


I don't know if she does the cross-eyes on purpose
when she sees the camera, but it is pretty funny

    Aren't you glad it's friday? I LOVE fridays. It means that Dad will be home to entertain us for the next two days. The down side is, it's grocery getting time:( Not my favorite job in the world. I'm so ready for spring, aren't you? Being able to be outside is priceless. So is growing vegetables.
  I am hungry as usual. To bad Daylight Donuts isn't my next door neighbor. . . & I need some new food ideas. You can only have meatballs, rice, & broccoli so many times before you never want to see them again. So if any of you are full of ideas, bring it on.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Today. . .

. . . I don't have any new pics of the little lady. She's still here tho. Growing like a weed. I recently got a little green frog outfit for her ( and yes it is a boy's and snaps the other way, but I figure she doesn't ALWAYS have to wear pink) & her toes are busting the seams in the "feety" part. I am very sad. I suppose I will have to cut out the frogs & paste them on another outfit of hers. She imitated something I did the other day & I was so delighted I could hardly stand it. It's amazing how fast they grow. AND where oh where does the time go?

Josh & I have been married 3 years, & 18 hours. That day, I was running around outside in my wedding dress it was so nice outside and today there is snow on the ground. I will never forget when we got in the pickup after the fact, I looked over at the boy & couldn't fathom I had a husband. A HUSBAND. Completely inconcievable. I didn't think I would ever catch one, & if I did I would be on the upper end of my forties. Much less a good looking one. Here we are 3 years later, so we celebrated. We exchanged a present, J brought me a cheerful bouquet, I hung up some construction paper hearts, chowed down on some bbq pork from Krehbiels, did the dishes & we passed out along with the little peep squeek around 7-ish. Sounds silly, but I sure love being a little family now. . . & . . .
anniversary or not, when the kiddo sleeps, you sleep.

       & now I am trying to decide. . . do I do the laundry, or sew a turtle? Whatever I choose I will have approximately 17 minutes of total time before O reminds me she's still around. So off I go, & to all of you that are doing your own laundry or dishes or are at work wondering why you didn't choose the comfortable clothes instead of the cute ones. . . . take heart, it is nearly lunch time.

 P.S. Scratch the whole 17 minute thing. It was 2 and a half.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Shoes. . .

Here is a shot of our little monkey. . . ain't it cute?
The ears :)

So we sent dad off to WalMart for formula. . .
& look what he came back with. SHOES.

Now they are a bit big. . . but how much fun is that?
We will see what kind of shoes he gets
her when she is 15 :) & we'll see
if she wears them.


Happy Friday Evening.

A lovely weekend to you all & once again it is
almost bedtime. . . 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Story Time

She has decided she actually likes story time again. Right
after the girls were born, everyone preached
to us how IMPORTANT it is to read to
these tiny little humans. With a full term kiddo you
bond with touch, but you can't really do that when they are
2 pounds & something. So we would read to the incubators. We
felt like geezers because it seemed like the entire
hospital could hear you. I remember one mom would bring
a book (and it wasn't a kid book but a GIANT sized mom book)
and read for hours. I always thought it was her theory to read
cover to cover in one day. Even though it seemed funny to me she
was doing her little child a huge favor. Since we've been home
Olly hasn't thought reading is so great. We would open the
book, read the first couple of words, & the lung floodgate would
open up. . . But the last 2 weeks or so, she just sits there and
takes it all in. I can't wait to take her to the library.
Providing she will be somewhat quiet-ish. The Doc says come
the end of March we can start going to church & places
that have plenty of people. So come on March.

This is my favorite.

. . . & she is trying to talk. It is too funny watching her try to
"talk". It takes a lot of effort & typically comes out like a bleeting
lamb. But she's trying & that's what counts.

And. . . .  it is now February :) I can't wrap my brain around
that little fact. We got married in February. So the ole man has
stuck with me for 3 years now. Thank goodness. . .  his
little joke is that he was going to try to make it
2 weeks. So he's done pretty good. He has another 70 (years) to go.

Don't you wish that February would bring a supper
menu with it? Figuring out what to make for supper makes
my brain a little phsyco.

I have a can of black beans.

Half a loaf of bread.

Leftover orange jello.


A box of Rice Krispies.

Frozen Vegetables.

A can of Progresso.

 A dead brain.

The bright side is. . . it is wednesday, which
means there are only 3 more days to
figure out what to have for supper.