Friday, April 4, 2014

8 Dollar Difference

FINALLY! ! ! ! I've got this child to
pay attention to a little doll at night time.
I've tried and tried, but she just pushes it out of the way.
Now the other night I decided to give it a try once
again and in the morning she
had plastered that thing up against
her little face. Now she has it every night
and we have to wash it frequently, due to the fact it smells
like slobber because she "eats" the poor pink doll.

His very own pink chair

Now allow me to tell you a short story before I dig into my
overwhelming piles of laundry that consists of 70 some odd 
socks, along with many other things, my dishes that have dried 
banana, my child's britches that need changed, yaddy yadda
yadda. Yesterday was one of those days. . . where everything sort
of has a gray tint to it, I didn't have enough patience, easily frustrated
annoyed at the little things. . . Josh text me and wondered how I was.
after I let him know he says," maybe we will run to Flobby Lobby after work"
He of course knows I want to live there ( by the way, they have an app now 
that you can download onto your phone and get 40 % off of things
that are NOT on sale. . . you can use one per day) So after work he comes
home, we feed kiddos, load up a bag and go to Hobby Lobby. 
I dilly dally around with Olive in there for awhile while he & Bode-man 
go to Dicks. ( much MUCHLY more man-ish) Then we go to Marshalls.
Now. . . being the over-protective mom that I am, I sometimes see people
in public stare (or what I think is staring) at Sister. I usually let it go
it doesn't honestly bother me that much. . . but I noticed this lady would
look at her whenever we seen her in the store. . . then we are in line to 
check out and she is in front of us. . . and again I'm thinking that she is 
looking at her. She pays for her stuff, steps back and looks at me, hands me 
a Marshall's card that has 8$ on it, leans down to look at Olivia, then kindly 
tells me what beautiful children we have. Now, it was only 8 dollars, but it 
changed my world from a dismal gray to dancing colors, singing birds, & 
lovely people. It wasn't the money, but the sincerity I saw in her eyes, I 
very nearly wept on the spot. I felt ashamed at my thoughts, and thankful 
to be rescued from my self inflicted negative spiral. God does that, He rescues
us just when we need it. The world isn't all bad. The beauty is in the little 
common every day things. Somedays you just have to have the patience to 
look for them.