Monday, March 25, 2013

Silly Family

Yes, these are the people I live with. I do have it rough :) We 
have not fell off the earth yet, I have just been
huffing around my house frantically trying to breathe.
Couldn't someone have told me how hard
it is to maneuver/breathe/live with 
a full-term pregnancy? I really had no idea. 
I told someone at church yesterday that it is 
quite a thing to have a mini Josh performing an Iron Man
in my very own belly. Today is exactly 4 weeks until he is due
to make an entrance. I have a feeling that (Olivia & my) days
are about to have a drastic change of course.
I cannot even fathom what she is going to think. It'll be funny to see.
No entertaining stories about Josh this time, of course he has done 
many insane things, but Miss Jones is hollering to get out 
of bed so I don't have the time to "relay" the stories. :) next time. . .
Happy Monday, my friends.