Monday, March 24, 2014

Feather Bed Quilt

  Lately I have been obsessed with feather bed quilts. . . So far I have only stitched together one block.  It is a fun one to do & I am by no means a quilter.  The pattern is floating all around the world wide web, if for any reason you fall in love with it and want to have fabric floating all over your house.  . . It's designed by Anna Marie Horner I believe. . . Now I may have misspelled that so Google feather bed quilt pattern.

  Bodie boy is obsessed with his sister. He will go to any length to grab her ponytail, buttons, hands, you name it. Usually she grins. . . It is something new to her so I don't think she cares.  When it is no longer new. . . We shall see what she thinks then. Couldn't you have warned me how fast a miniature male specie moves???????

Friday, March 7, 2014


  Hello friends. . . Once again it's been a minute since I chatted here. I cannot seem to fathom how fast life goes. . . Here I am eeking closer and closer to 32. 32????????? But i feel 23. Now I'm starting to wonder if a guy doesn't always feel young.  After all our body is just a mortal one.  . . So it doesn't matter if it's a tad wrinkly.

   Nothing funny to say about Josh that I can think of right off. The kiddos are good, I think they are having a giant bout of cabin fever. Im enjoying being a mom. . . You do a mad dash all day just trying to get one more thing done and finally it's bed time,  You put the little people to bed, and 5 minutes later you miss them, their soft faces,  little smell, loud noises, pudgy hands & then you're ready to start all over.