Monday, October 21, 2013

Foot Long Floaters

 There are just some things about being a mom. . . that I'm not sure get rewarded, other than the fact that it might just be plain and simple pay-back

  I voluntered to give Olivia a bath last night only to hear a loud fart followed by a brown substance coming out her bottom. To which I stand there stupified, wondering how I shall fish it out. I do not have a plastic glove container on my wall beside the door, perhaps I will buy myself one for christmas. Do you take the kid out and then the terd? The terd and then the kid? Do you grab a spoon? A towel? a washcloth? Do you yell at your husband? He typically laughs and doesn't rescue me from my plight, meanwhile the terd is still swimming, I am still standing there. It doesn't get better unless you just dive in, Grab & Run. I don't enjoy it. Never mind the fact that Bodie did the same thing a precious few nights ago.

Something about this makes my nerves jingle.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Random Shots & Fruit Flies

Who's hair is this cute???? :)

At the pumpkin patch

Sun was to bright

Mr. Chubby legs. I think his knees
resemble cinnamon rolls.

Two days a month we go to McKids
for a "playdate/group" thing. They
do all kinds of stuff with the
kiddos. I'm ridiculously partial
to this picture.

Had a pesky ear infection

At the fair :)
   As for the fruit flies in the title. . . if you drive by our house and you think you see me dancing, I am chasing the most annoying fruit flies in the world. I am so mad at them I could scream. Who gave them such a mild name??? In reality they are fruit vultures. Sorry that once again it's taken me so long to blog. . . I am IN LOVE with crocheting. Who would have thot? My mom used to drag me to yarn stores and I thot she was having hallucinations. Yarn??? I drag it every where I go. . .  driving, inlaws, to bed, the brown chair, kitchen table. It's nuts. I have 3 minute windows in my day and I crochet. I am trying to make a blanket for sis's Dr. Seuss's room. If I EVER get it finished I shall show you.

 Also. . . my mom and sis have started up a blog to "showcase" what they do in their spare time. Mom makes something continuously and Shona makes books, wedding, baby, guest books and whatever else you might need here is the link Each New Blossom  if your bored and want to take a peek. I will also try to put a tab at the top of my blog to. Well from the fruit fly infested house, good day :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

To My Little Girl

  It's been two years now since I sat down with a box of kleenex and wrote you a letter. How time flies! But yet we remember you as tho it were yesterday. I'm sure you are happy up there, and I suppose you look just like your sister, she is in fact, very cute. Some things have changed, Daddy and me are wiser, ( we hope) sissy is older, and then we had a little brother, he is blond with blue eyes, and sometimes when he is asleep I look at him and he looks just like you did when you were asleep.
  It's hard to not have you here, How cute would you be bumbling around town with your sister? You'd have fun with Dad, even if he is a giant mess somedays. He still puts his keys and phone and wallet all an inch apart on the kitchen counter, you'd think he used a measuring tape,some things never change. Sister bit his finger the other nite, I heard this loud yelp, followed by muttering. I guess her teeth are sharp.
  Fall is coming now, so the air is crisper, the mums are blooming, and all the yellow ones have your name dancing around them. Life has went on, but you stay in our hearts. There are a few monumental highlights in our life.

 The day the church doors opened and I saw your daddy in his black suit.

The night they showed us two little identical girls.

The morning daddy carried you out of church in your little white box.

 &. . . then the morning we met your squiggly wiggly little brother.

 How we miss you, it has never quite been the same with you gone. The last two days, sissy and bubba have pooped their pants in unison, you suppose you would have joined in? Daddy asked me the other night if I could imagine two little girls that looked exactly the same, I can't imagine :) I suppose it would be way too much "cute" for a person to fathom.
    We want to raise them right, because someday they will want to meet you, so remember us in your prayers, daddy and me make mistakes sometimes, but we try to do it as best we know how. To see you all together will be the crowning moment in our hearts, so while you're up there and we're down here, remember that we love you, we never forget, and we anxiously await the day we get to see your face again.

So. . .not goodbye. . .but just awhile. . .
we love you little girl.