Thursday, June 7, 2012

Favorite Things

1. Olivia's pacifier.
2.  My family

3. Hamburgers

4. Flowers

5. Crafting

6. Coffee

7. Last but not least, People.
there are so many different kinds and
styles. Ever noticed how everyone
has something different to offer? It is amazing.
I was noticing the children in the May Day Parade.
There are more than you can count but every child is
completely and totally different
than the next one. I love that little fact
in life.

. . . .  and now I must pack. Oh dreadful plight of mine. .
We are moving to a different house & I
keep thinking it would be lovely if
they just left all their stuff
& I could leave all of mine here. I'm wondering
why that isn't the accepted way
of doing things? Of course I would
need to wipe away the cobwebs, and retrieve
the things I've crammed behind
furniture. . . but that would
be MUCH less time consuming. Olivia
is sound asleep & will continue to
do so until she hears me move
a box from the floor to the table, & then
it will be a wide-eyed & bushy-tailed kind of a

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Zoo day

 I cannot understand how my calendar has already jumped to June? I hope you all are doing good & life is treating you well. Olivia just finished her "banana raspberry oatmeal" & we are off to a walk around the park. I thought I better share a note before we went because all too soon I will be running bath water for little missy & another day will soon be history. She is doing well & as usual the highlight of our life. I do not remember what we used to do before her. Like on saturdays? It is a funny thing how life changes & you go with the flow.
   We took her to the zoo this weekend, we didn't figure we would be there too long but we were. She was a trooper & only whined when she realized she hadn't ate in awhile, otherwise she just took it all in. The zoo is a blast even if I'm 30. All of the different kinds of animals are so amazing. The creatures are incredible, I'm partial to the penguins. Those little guys are adorable.

Beginning of the zoo trip.

My newest dream car. . .  & yes that is
a pacifier hanging from that
guy's shirt pocket.

Bird with a perm

Sting Rays

I turned around and spotted this:) She was
fascinated with the rain forest.

I said to J, "there is my sister" to which he
calmly agreed. Reiterating the fact
that my head is just as frizzy.

Isn't he cute?