Monday, February 25, 2013


& for those of you who asks if she still
does the standing table. . . She does =)

Sunday, February 24, 2013


  I'm sorry I don't have any new pics of Olivia. We did get her a few new clothes yesterday. She has decided to explode out of the old ones. . . & thank goodness we have some hand-me-downs. How I love those. I looked at the little boy's clothes and decided it will be fun to dress him as well. The little button down shirts are positively cute. Mercy. While being preggo with a boy I have come to the conclusion that you live in a permanent "hotflash" . . . while I hear women talking about such, I must admit I never realized how much they can overtake a person. Also I have these weird bursts of energy. . . So I have been doing some one-on-one time with my friend the sewing machine. I put some things on an "Etsy" site, and I put the link up at the top left corner of the blog, "LizzyDeane". You will have to give me some constructive criticism while I am wallowing around in my world of hotness. Now I must go give munchkin her breakfast. Usually it involves bananas. How humans can digest those yellow things is way beyond me. Adios.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

toil on

  This morning I was reading in one of my favorite books "Streams In the Desert" & often the days reading hits me between the eyes.

 Today it was about a man that visited a school for the deaf & dumb. He wrote on the board, "Why has God made me to hear and speak, and made you deaf and dumb?" A little girl went up and wrote on the board, " Even so Father, for it seemed good in thy sight". Further on down the page is this paragraph,
 . . .  I can still believe the day comes for all of us, however far off it may be, when we shall understand, when these tragedies that now blacken & darken the very air of Heaven for us, will sink into their places in a scheme so august, so magnificent, so joyful, that we shall laugh for wonder & delight.

  It makes my soul cry, I have to hear those things. My beautiful handicapped child is teaching me to know God. The very things that seem so scary and far off often helps us the most. So toil on my friend, someday it will be sparkling & clear. I know everyone doesn't have a handicapped child, but for you it is something different that I know nothing about. Good day =)

Sunday, February 3, 2013