Monday, January 27, 2014

Allow me. . .

  . . . To tell you a story.

Now. . . this could be a hair lengthy. . . I just made myself a cup of hot tea. So if you have a baby that just pooped their pants, a dryer that just quit, a kitchen sink full of spaghetti dishes hollering your name, then I suggest you go tend to it & then read my (maybe boring) story.

  Here awhile ago Josh's brother asked us if we wanted this older cupboard/china hutch, I think they were just wanting to clean out their basement and was half kidding, to which Josh chuckles and says we don't have a place to put it. Me? I don't care if it doesn't have a home in our house, it's free and I'll give that thing a home. . . and slap some fun colored paint on it. I let the issue rest for awhile and then found a cupboard on Pinterest (dirty evil time consuming site) that I thought I surely had to have. So one day at the appropriate time ( Josh's 30 minute lunch ) I start texting him that I need to get the cupboard. I had a few different reasons that I mentioned. It was indeed meant to be. He consented, but says to me, " as long as you don't put stuff in it like is in the kitchen china cupboard shelves, AND the stuff inside must be FUNCTIONAL"
   Done. . . I can put functional stuff inside that thing, no sweat. Give me five, and it'll be FULL of functional.
So he goes and gets the cupboard & in between taking care of this :

AND this:

    I start re-doing a cupboard. Now this is a little insert. . .  I take my silly stupid smart phone to Sherwin Williams. . . hand the phone to the gal working and show her my "must HAVE" green thing on my pinterest board, and tell her I really need that particular color. She takes my phone and a couple of taps and swipes later she has downloaded the picture, went to Sherwin Williams "Chip-It" site and matched the sample to the T. You must give it a whirl, I am in love with the site. Couple late nighters and help from Hubby. . . the thing gets painted lucky green. It airs out and we bring it inside. Let me just say that dashing Joshua loves my new piece. . . My head was growing by leaps and bounds because he says he just Loves it. It's SWEET. Yay ME ! ! ! ! ! ! 

   He goes to work the next day. I am at home mid-morning "decorating/functionalizing" my cupboard, when I hear my phone go off. At this point I'm a little frustrated because it doesn't look just exactly like I want it. I forget that my phone went off and soon it goes off again. I pick it up, and it's none other than JD. The second txt says "you are decorating, aren't you?" Now how did he know??? MEN. I say yes, as a matter of fact I am. He says "send me a pic NOW" So I do. by this time I had all sorts of stuff in it. He sends me one back in a flash that says, "loose the checker-board-the candleholder-the book standing up-yaddy-yadda-yadda-but leave the green bird."

INDEED! ! ! ! excuse me while I cough, Why is the green bird exceptable???? I didn't know if I should sail that phone out the window or do exactly as he said. I did the later.

  Then I LOVED it. 

  Then I was a hair annoyed, OK I was flat out annoyed. He was right. Who knew, the first time I seen this boy that he would coach me in decorating my green cupboard????? At any rate, it is still exactly like he said. It is in fact fun while being functional and I won't let that thing out of my site.

The green bird.

Ain't it halarious? Till my dying day I will never know what makes that green bird ok. He has nothing whatsoever to do with functional, only looks.

The End

Thursday, January 23, 2014

DIY dust mop

If any of you out there have dust and/or dust bunnies under your bed. . . Well I discovered a diy dust mop. It's easy really, simply put your child ( that only crawls backwards ) onto the bedroom floor. Wait 5 minutes. . . . Drag him/her out from under the bed along with all the dust bunnies. No stress cleaning. If you're really feeling frisky you could pour yourself a cold Dr. Pepper and watch the entire process.

Monday, January 20, 2014

nothing funny

to say. . . Not that some weird things haven't happened. They do. . . Every day.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Miracle & Light Bulb


Tonight before I lay my head down.  . . I figured I should share with you some pictures of our miracle (Olivia) and our light bulb (Bodie). . . Somedays I feel unworthy to be their mom.   They are doing good.  . . Olivia steadily turns more and more into her own little person.  . . And when I really stop and look at her dear face I am overwhelmed with feelings. We could not live without her.  . . Then Bodie. . . He is the light of the family.  . . Happy as a clam.  Olivia laughed out loud the other day, to which he fake gigled back at her and I'll be switched if he didn't get her going back and forth with him for a spell. I shoved back my chair and grinned in delight.  My light bulb was comunicating with my miraculous vegetable. Ain't life grand?