Monday, December 26, 2011

Olivia's First Christmas. . .

My New "socks"

Getting dressed & not overly happy
with the situation.

Finally ready.

Well Huloo there. . .

Me & my Dad & Mom.

Merry Christmas 2 you.

I'll try to humor them

Past my time for bed.

Sound asleep. . .

So here's to hoping you all had a lovely wonderful Christmas.
We were just here at our little house
with way too much food. But we have this little
lady home & we are living the life
we were so excited to get back to. It's hard to
believe how fast life passed us by. . . & once again
Christmas has went on by & soon it will be
2012. But we are thankful & life is

Friday, December 23, 2011

Z is for Zebra

So here I am as a " ZEBRA"
even though I am blissfully unaware of the

                                                                         & here I am with
                                                                  my new buddy, the friendly

                                                             Extremely Comfy. . .

                                                   Definitely the cutest little Zebra in

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

I do several things. . .  but mainly I sleep. . .

& sleep. . .

& still I'm sleeping. . .

. . . with my hands in the air. . .

& why not stretch whike you're sleeping?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December the 13nth

So. . .  I know it's really not their actual birthday, but they are
officially 3 months old today:) How time flies. This
last 3 months has been a little extra-ordinary I do believe. As most
of you know, this little lady of ours up &
decided to make daddy & mommy a bit grayer
than we already are. She was up in Wesley
for 10 days. We are back home now since
last friday night & so far so good. She is not attatched to any
wire or cord whatsoever.
It took us awhile to realize that we could "walk" her to
the kitchen or to the bathroom
for no reason at all :)
Somehow she managed to get "Group B Strep" which
usually shows up right after birth, but for some reason decided
to lay dormant in her little body for awhile.
. . . but as of now we are all better & for that we
are truly thankful. Thank-you for your well
wishes & many many many prayers on
her behalf.

Her in her penguin shirt with her penguin that
she got from one of my friends and her super cute family
here from good ole "MacTown". . .

. . .and today we got this package in the mail & out
popped this little red & white stripe-y hat. Isn't it the cutest
thing? It made our day. A girl from "far far away" by the name of Meredith,
hand made it for her. So thanks to you & I hope someday
Olivia will be able to meet you & personally thank you
herself. It's so nice to know that she has people
like you looking out for her. .

& now, not to make you sad but since we've hit the 3 month
mark I thought I might share this picture with you. . .

There are those times in
life when you wish you could bottle a certain "moment"
and forever hold them in your hand. I know there
are tubes and plastic on their faces, but to be honest we
never really saw that part in this exact instant.
When I was little I always wanted twins
and then Josh & I managed to get them. The moment that
Doc tells you he sees two humans. . .
you feel like you are flying. . . So here are the
beautiful little ladies. Thought you might like a peek. . .