Friday, December 28, 2012

Meet Suzy & The Specs

Suzy. . . our new little Cabbage Patch Doll.

Specs. . .  our newest commodity.

All three compiled.

She desperately wanted to "eat" Suzy, but
hasn't figured out that Suzy won't jump into her
mouth. She has to pick it up herself. Made
me chuckle.

At least they're both smiling. The world is
a beautiful place. ( & we're only speaking for this
particular second in time.)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Olivia's 2nd Christmas

   . . . .come and gone. How the time flies. Not to much new and exciting here. My belly is on a roll, just grows bigger every day & every time I set Olly on my lap the little man ( it is a boy, btdubbs ) starts kicking at her. A little to early to begin stuff like that if you ask me. Olivia is doing good, she has some new little pink glasses we wear on her sometimes in the day, I don't have a picture on my camera yet, but I'll get one. I laugh everytime she wears them, it's awfully cute. She seems to see some things better. We have some Dr. Seuss flash card shapes and alphabet letters & a few other things and she actually looks at them. We are never sure just what she is able to see. She got a bunch of clothes for Christmas, so now we get to play dress-up, & I'm a little more excited about that then she is. My very first "alive" barbie doll minus the giant chest, that is. I could never understand why Barbie always had such big knockers. I think I had a skipper doll or something like that and hers were much more demure. Enough about barbie.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas In Heaven

 I got this poem in a card from Children's Mercy today & now I can't help my wet face.

Christmas In Heaven
Tis Christmas in Heaven, what a beautiful sight!
It's my first one here; everything is all right.
The crib is adorned with the brilliance of the star;
Wisemen have come from near and far.
I've met all our dear ones, who preceded us here;
The reunion was lovely, an event full of cheer.
And tonight we'll gather, in reverance we'll kneel,
For the Babe in the cradle up in Heaven is REAL.
I think of my family that I left behind
And I pray that your Christmas is as blessed as mine.
Please shed no more tears, for my soul is at rest.
Just love one another, live life to its best.
Yes, it's Christmas in Heaven, So I've heard them say,
Yet Christmas in Heaven happens everyday.