Friday, October 19, 2012


   in reality, stands for
                                     F freaked out
                                     I insecure
                                     N neurotic &
                                     E emotional

    While going through my book of "favorites" I found that and laughed. Fits me to  T somedays.  Olivia is sacked out so I am doing nothing, nothing that is productive anyways. What did I used to do with ALL of my "me" time? I must have been a basket case. She was a pistol today. Got rip-roarin mad at something and took a substantial amount of time to get her over it. Hiccuping, crocodile tears, you know how it goes. I, as usual sapped out and wound up rocking her to sleep & all was immediately fine. A person wonders if those little people know how much power they have.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

3 main topics

 I am not sure which one to talk about first. I think I will do the sad one, then the factual, & the funny one last.

  Sad but beautiful, was the picture that Gary painted last Sunday morning. At the end of his sermon, he talked about the city wherein sits the tree of life, with the river that runs through it, and there is no need for the sun because God is the light. It is a beautiful thought. I have always heard of the tree of life, I just never had really "imagined" it. Sunday I did. Then I realized that that is Lizzy's home. I don't know exactly how our "age" is up there, and maybe she isn't old enough to realize she sees the tree of life, I don't know. . . but of course I started crying. We miss that little tyke so much, her soft fuzzy head, her ever so tiny hands, & her little frog legs. Lately I can't get it out of my head. I suppose you never really do. I feel selfish, wanting her back here where she would have a tough go of it, because now she doesn't. I don't mean to be morbid, it is quite naturally just a part of our life. I realized all over again how imperative it is to live so that we too can see the tree. It is so easy to get caught up in the little things of life and skip the grand picture. I need a giant knock in the head somedays.

  Now for the Factual part of my story, McKids ladies brought us a "standing table" for little miss Olive. Since she isn't standing on her own, we have to help her do so. The way I understand it, as a baby starts pulling themselves up and standing by things, their hips start developing correctly, and weight-bearing on the leg bones, stimulates bown growth. Hence a standing table. Now when you see the pictures, don't feel sad. Sometimes when I see the "thing" sitting in my house, I want to get mad that she has to use it and I never did. . . but then on the heels of that, I'm always glad someone had the brains to invent such things, because the fact is she needs it. So here are some pictures. Yesterday she went from mad to glad about ten times. I was entertained to say the least. whenever she gets cantankerous, I remember the Docs who have told us she is supposedly a "vegetable" & should have no personality. Sometimes I think she got an overdose of personality. That's just between you & me & the fencepost.

Silly, isn't it?


  Funny part.
You remember when you were a kid and you got the new issue of Reader's Digest and you frantically searched the index for All In A Day's Work? It was my favorite part of the book. I feel like this little story belongs in that particular section, but it is rather lengthy. So instead I will post it here, altho I do believe I could get a giant amount of money since it is so incredibly funny to me. Here goes. . . . My ever so wonderful husband likes, or rather LOVES Quiche. Now I don't know how many of you like that stuff, but he does. Here a number of days ago we go to a restaraunt, sit down, order drinks, & start scanning the menu. I was wavering between about 5 different things having a terrible time deciding, when I look across the table at Josh. There he sits, his finger pointing to the menu, and a confused look in his sparkling eyes, and says to me, "what is KWEE-CHAY?"
Bring me some oxegyn.
& bring it fast.
My throat was constricting & I was fairly certain my eyes had started dilating.
 I looked at that adorable yet confused man, and said, " that is actually KEESH, otherwise known as Quiche" I died, and then I laughed so hard I had a difficult time recooping from the whole deal. I am still laughing all these days later. If laughter is the best medicine, then let me tell you, I am in fine form. I will say, I am glad I went ahead and married the chap. Life has been mighty interesting. From maxi-pads to Quiche & everything else inbetween. Pre-Josh was Depression Land & Boredom City.
                                                                The End.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Did you hear. . .

. . .  that perhaps there is a chance of snow this weekend? See, that's what's the trouble, fall brings Mr. Snow a little early if you ask me. Course I've been in the business of discussing everything lately. From the presidential debate, baby legs, mountains of laundry, and everything else inbetween. If you have somewhere to go, you'd best avoid me in public because I'm liable to chat your face off. So don't worry about me being offended if you scamper the opposite direction after spotting me.

 The 3rd of October out beautiful little girl has been gone a year now. I cannot understand how that many days have passed since we last held her. Do you suppose that she has 4 teeth like her sister? I wonder about that so many times, & I don't know why. It is hard to miss your child, while realizing at the same time that they're better off up in heaven. Who better to take care of her than us? I know God loves her more, and has far more infinite wisdom than we, but we still miss her.

  Olivia is doing good. She is gaining weight and inches like it's going out of style. I keep bashing her poor little feet into door jams and such, because I forget that they stick out of the carseat a good bit. Guess I should invest in flourescent socks. She usually just looks at me like, "you did it again". Thank goodness she can't tell me how she really feels yet:)

It takes a lot of people
to get

ready for a walk.
Now for some "I spy".
Where is the Manly Man?

That would be Josh under the pink hat.
Thank goodness he doesn't "proofread" my entries
or this would never be on here.
But since he works and I'm the full time
blogger I pick and choose. It's a
wonderful life.