Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Warm Afternoon

Someone gave us this Octopus.
He thought it was pretty much fun.

Sitting by the spray

a blondie in a John Deere??

Nothing to new here. Our dear little girl starts going to
a class called T3 this next week. I am
super excited for her. She will
love the commotion.
After I had meet with all the ladies. . .
I drive home, & I seriously thought there
was a tornado in my chest. She is MY
I do not simply leave her somewhere.
They chuckled at me and said, "oh, quite a
few moms stand outside the door
& cry" I thought in my head, (selfishly) that
this is entirely different. I have sat by her
side since she weighed 2 pounds & something.
I am SO afraid people in the big world
look at her and only see Cerebral Palsy.
It makes me feel faint. I desperately
want them to know she is just as
much of a person as you & I.
Mom-heart, I know. That little girl
has been through so much more than I, it
bothers me some days. I would
gladly give her my muscles.
But I cannot.
Now I am done whining.
So off to school she will go, & she
will be delighted by all the children.
Our dear beautiful little lady :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

DIY gift wrap

My Gram's Birthday is today & as
usual I didn't know what I was going
to take to her. So. . . what do I do
but go out to my Zinnia's. AGAIN. 
sorry folks.
It's what I do.
Picked them, put them in a jar.
Decided they needed a bow, only
I'm not too "bow-ish"
About that time I remembered my giant 
thread stash. . . made the little flower
put a little loop on the back 
and now I have a bow. I will
say it was fun. I forgot to take
pictures along the way, I'm quite sure
you can figure it out, but if you want some help
please holler. I will be more than happy
to chat your face off. I do that now-a-days also.

I was thinking. . .perhaps I could do 
some Christmas-y ones and use
them on presents??? What's your
point of view?

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

McPherson United Way Triathlon

Getting ready to swim
(poor picture quality. . . excuse that please)

Back from the bike route

&. . .  daddy dear won. I frequently wonder how
my other half has such an
insane amount of energy?????

My beautiful friend who was volunteering :)

I'm fairly certain she thought all
the hollering & cheering was for her
& her alone. She loved
every minute of it.

Bode-man on the side-lines.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Story Time

 My sister called me yesterday at about 5:30, she sounded half faint/worried/weird.

Sister: Is your phone on speaker?
Me: Uh, nope.
Sister: Is Josh home?
Me: Yep.
My mind: Sister is Pregnant!!!!!
Sister: Is everything ok at your house??
My mind: Yes of course, except for the 4 piles of laundry, the two little kiddos who need to be feed, the grease splattered all over the stove top, the flowers that need watered, etc. etc.
Me: Yes it's ok over here, WHY?????

  Turns out she wasn't pregnant. Apparently the little home-town McPherson Sentinel, that was delivered to the door steps on Tuesday, August 12th, twenty-fourteen, proclaimed that my husband was arrested late Saturday night at 11:30-something.

  Excuse me while I choke. That very same man was eating all MY rosemary-garlic Pretzel thins at approximately 11 that very saturday night. At first I laughed loudly.

  Yep, arrested for a DUI & hallucinating/hallucinagenatory/(how do you spell that anyhoo????) Drug use.
Now let me insert this, I do not think such a thing is funny, except the man doesn't drink, nor does he do drugs. . . ( are you kidding me????? I have to pull his teeth to let the kiddos take tylenol, wouldn't want something UN-NATURAL in their little bodies, now would we? ) So this is why I got a teeny tiny kick out of the whole deal.

  On a more serious note . . .

  He calls the sheriffs office to discover why in the world his name is in the paper, under the police log. They
tell him they will call him back. Somebody calls my (arrested) Joshua back, to inform him that they did in fact arrest a Joshua Allison on saturday night, except he was from a different town than McPherson. The man told Josh, It appears someone else has your name!!!!! You talk about creepy. That Josh is supposedly 32 and his middle initial is also D. What in the scary lary????????? Makes me wonder if we shouldn't be naming our babies #1, #2, #3, #178 zillion?

  It's one of those things that make you just stare out the window with your mouth hanging open.

  So for those of you that know our silly craZy clan, but don't have the nerve to ask us when you see us in Wal-Mart, take heart. . . we are not doing drugs. Josh was not arrested. He was at our house August 9th, 2014 merely eating all my crackers.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

If you're needing inspiration. .

  I took my own advice this weekend and went and got my self a magazine at the Bookshelf/Hidden Closet
here in town. Its name is "Mollie Makes" . . . its for a crafting soul i suppose. . . it came with a little package that had a piece of linen fabric and some embroidery floss so you can make your own project. I thot it was pretty cool. If you have a minute and 12 dollars, you should check it out sometime.

  Also. . . have you ever been to Charlotte's Sew Natural fabric store on main street in Newton? If you're feeling rich & you have a fabric obsession, I strongly recommend it. They have every sort of print one would need to make a quilt. It inspired me tremendously, why, I was going to come strait home and sew. Here I sit on my computer, cramming chocolate chips in my mouth. I am only dreaming of finishing my feather quilt I started at the beginning of the season. I got a few of these fabrics to go along with it. You shall have to tell me what you think.

Coming. . . .

& going. . .
Coming. . .
Going. . .
Coming. . .
Going. . .
Coming. . .
Going. . . . 

Listening to her brother
Coming & Going.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday !

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Take a little time to pamper yourself. Get a new magazine. . . Light a smelly good candle . . . Make some peach tea. . . Soak your feet.

We love friday around here. Last night JD was getting out his usual bowl of "bedtime" cereal when his face got all happy. . . Due to the fact he realized today was friday.

Side note : If your 15 month old child doesn't want to eat breakfast. . . Give him/her a fork. You wouldn't think a fork would be so life changing, but they most certainly are. He/she will then clean off the tray.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Good Day

Here I sit watching Bode-man eat his lunch through my famous ( famous to me anyways ) Zinnias. They make me so happy.  . . I simply cannot explain it to you. How are you ?Sometimes I wish all of you that read my silly little letters that I conjure into words. . . Would have a blog so I can read about you.

Yesterday I was to be in Newton at Bodies appt. With the Pediatrician at 9:30. Set my alarm. . . Slept thru that annoying little jingle jangle. . . Woke up at 8:22. Flew outta bed, turned 3-4 circles, like that of a dog, pulled these kids outta bed. . . Dumped oatmeal on my feet. . . Nearly forgot to pee. . . Crammed a flower in sisters hair. . . Forgot the wipes. . . WIPES. . . Landed us into our up-town mini van at 8:55.

I'm still exhausted.