Wednesday, November 27, 2013


  I won't lie. . . . Yesterday I was wondering about my children's I.Q. level. Let's hope they didn't inherit mine. For starters. . . I went to get Olivia Deane up from her nap and there were her stocking feet staring at me thru the crib rungs. ( Now bear in mind that this is my vegetable that doesn't move. . . Only she does. She hadn't ever done such a thing before so it cracked me up. Lately she wiggles all over the place. She actually army crawled in her own way in this wonky weird circle thing.  I palpitated a smidge. It was awesome.) So I then rescued her. . . Took her to my bed to change her britches. . . Where her brother was sitting. . . Calmly trying to "grab" the sunbeams. His fat fist kept grabbing air. He was stupified. Fast forward to bedtime. Josh put Olivia in her tent. Apparently she couldn't figure out which was better. . . Indoors or out. Needless to say I am never bored with these two.

At any rate. . . Happy Thanksgiving to all . . . I think the turkey stockers at Dillons are mighty tired.

More than one way to skin a cat

Silly stupid stripes

Half in Half out

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Patience of Job

So often I think that mother-hood takes the patience of Job.
Just like yesterday, I finally decide to take the kids
to Flobby-Lobby (just where a kid would want to go) because
we hadn't been out of the house in three days.
Olivia decided she didn't want any part of Hobby-Lobby. . . 
screamed all the way there and screamed inside and then 
most of the way home. I felt like a three headed monster
while inside the store. I was pretty sure that every woman
was giving me stink eye because I didn't know how to 
handle my child. Then on the heels of that I became 
furious with CP ( cerebral palsy) I hate that word.
Who invented it anyway? I usually wind up getting mad
at it. I tell myself if she didn't have that, everything
would be so much easier. Then I could communicate
with her and voila, the problem would be fixed.
Then I come sailing back down to earth only to realize
that every two year old child has emotions, has to 
get mad and then glad again. . . and as a Mom, you just
have to have the patience to get thru it. It doesn't seem
to bother Bodie, he just appears like everything is perfectly fine.
In his head he's probably chuckling for when he turns two. Then I go
crazy in my head because I'm annoyed at her, and he can see
it. It's a giant vicious circle. Then in the morning I'm greeted
by the faces above and everything is automatically
right in my world. Tell me, how can being a mom be
so marvelous and so hard at the same time?????

Thursday, November 14, 2013

DIY Kid Travel Bag

  If you want to have some fun. . Make some kid bags!!!! I realized before we went to visit J's sister's. . . I didn't have anything to pack their stuff in. So I ran down to my giant messy stash of fabric and made these. It was a blast.

O's bag
B's bag

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


at Cabella's

getting better at the "cart" ride

Do I see chocolate????

Waiting for a bath


Fell asleep during workout:)

Ain't life grand. . .

Side Note:

Jerry Seinfeld has the right idea. . . " Being a grown-up is great
You can have a chocolate chip cookie whenever you want. . .
2,3,4 cookies, ruin your appetite. Another is sure
to follow.