Thursday, June 27, 2013


is sister after swimming. . .

continuing with the photo shoot is

in sister's chair after she got out.

You ever seen anything so cute as
these little Allison munchkins?

Friday, June 21, 2013


. . . .doesn't happen around here much. I was standing by the front door, enjoying how quiet the house was and how lovely life is (the kids were both down for their naps) . . . when I nearly spit my teeth, due to the fact there was this "rabbit" under the bush giving me the stink eye. I wondered when exactly did rabbits take over this universe?

    Isn't it a bit funny? Well happy weekend to you all. I always look forward to them. . .  it means dad is home. . . and we can all hang out. . .Olivia should be much happier, she loves him. She only "hums" for dad. I make a complete fool out of myself trying to get her to do it with me, but it doesn't happen. Either she likes "manly" voices, or she likes dad better, it is one or the other. She is on a kick, she apparently thinks naps are pointless. . . how do you convince a little girl that she needs them? Bodie loves to sleep, on the floor, on the bed, wrapped up, sprawled out, in his diaper, on someone's chest, you name it, he'll sleep there. Did I say happy weekend? yes. . now i go. . . 

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I thot I'd let them sit together today and this is how it went down. . . .

That's a cross between halarious & weird.

Friday, June 14, 2013

work out

Yesterday evening I had her
"work" with me in the kitchen. . . bless
her heart, she finally got pretty tired.

then this morning she was
up with the chickens &
we started working
out right after breakfast. It's
hard work for her to hold her
head up in this thing.

then BOOM she got her second wind. I
have looked at this picture all
day. Makes me happy
just to see her.

& of course the back view. She
likes to look outside.

then brother got in on the session.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Well People

Long time, no see. . .

as a matter of fact. . .
long time no anything. . .
long time no soaking in tub
long time no browsing in stores
long time no mop my floors
long time no read a book
long time no clean laundry
long time no dashing in2 a grocery store
long time no nap
& last but not least,
long time since I ate a meal with both hands.
Doesn't happen
sin & unrighteousness

  But the flip side of the coin is I have 2 cute miniature Allison's everywhere I go. I love it. Bodie Lee got here April 22nd, a whopping 8 pounds & 7 ounces. I thought he was a hoss for sure. He LOVES to eat. I don't think the doc thought he would be so big. Even tho I couldn't "feel" anything during the C-section, I felt them give a tug followed by muttering. I later learned they had to make the incision bigger. Funny stuff. Then Josh kept asking the Pediatrician if everything was ok, I think the man thot we were one strange set-up. He finally asked if he should make something up, because he was after all a healthy child. Now it is nearly 2 months later. . . & we're just trying to keep up with the kiddos pretty much. I will show you some of my favorite pics. Several of you in the big world have asked me if I would EVER blog again. Well let me just say, something incredible just happened 4 and a half minutes ago. . . . they both fell asleep. So out comes the computer.

She's not so sure

A few days old

& then a few more days

Found this on the camera, apparently
dad likes the butt view.

Not to toot my own horn, but I do
love these kiddo's hair.

Another funny thing about dad. . .
notice the hair bow on the CHAIR?
Should be in the HAIR. But boys and bows
don't mix.

Aerial view of Miss Jones :)

There. . . people. I blogged. Now I need some chocolate.