Monday, March 26, 2012


  We took this little lady on her first official "trip" up to Lawrence and then KC. She did really well. My buttons almost popped off I was so proud of her. Dad was too but that goes without saying:) I took her in to the Doc today for her 6 month checkup & immunizations & he said we no longer have to worry about going anywhere, so we are now "unquaratined" We thought the day would never come! ! ! ! !

Girl Time

More girl time :)

Energetic cousins :) It was funny to watch sis stare at
other "little" people. She grinned non-stop.

Pretty sure they could pass as twins

The aunt who never lets O out of her site

way past bedtime:)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bedtime Procrastination

  Well. . . . day before yesterday I made a small observation. . . that is, sis & I definitely needed to get out of this little house of ours before we went completely and totally over the edge. ( Not that we really would have of course ) Sometimes I forget that a "world" really does exsist because I just stay at home. So I packed her up along with the kitchen sink and living room couch & off we sailed to Hobby Lobby. Dad's favorite place in the world I might add:) Nothing like a manly man in a craft store, but he was at work, so he wasn't able to make it, poor him.
   Now, bear, bare, bair, baire, ( which is it? have you ever noticed how often the english language spells one word a hundred different ways? ) with me here because I'm feeding kiddo with one hand & typing with the other. . . but sister was smacking on her pacifier staring at the lights enjoying herself & i was drooling over the hundreds of stamps, wanting one of each, annoyed at the little tags with a big number, when I realized I needed to find a bathroom or pee my pants.


  So, after minutes of misery, I started searching for a Hob-Lob employee vest, and there were none to be found. On Tuesdays there are only customers, so keep that in mind if you ever go shopping there. Meanwhile Josh calls me on his break, & I pour out my predicament to him, at which he tells me they are located in the NW corner of the store. Apparently he thought he had waited on me in that corner some other time I had used the bathroom. I told him I had "driven" by there a bunch of times and they most certainly were NOT there. So I kept searching, and finally found a sweet little lady arranging flower bouquets & she waggles her little finger towards the NW corner of the store. Of course that's where they put the bathrooms. NW corner of the store, makes perfect sense to me. So once again Josh was right, much to my severe annoyance.
   Now, here begins the real challenge. Right in front of my face was the restroom sign, but also in front of my face was a little girl in a car seat in a cart with a purse and some treasures I had picked up along the way. How do you go into a stall that is 4 feet by 4 feet with a kid in a carseat in a cart? That is probably not that clean? So here I am doing the pee dance completely confused. I just decided to go in and, Oh Happy Day, the handicap stall was as big as my house. Saved. Pushed the kid in the carseat in the cart into the stall, start peeing and out comes this wailing nose from her mouth. Pacifier had jumped itself out of her face, & as usual the stalls were all filled up with people. By that time I just wanted to be safely home. But I finished the whole process, pushed the wailing kid to the sink, spied a Hob-Lob vested person drying her hands by the trash can ( amazing how they all pop out of the woodwork once you've found the restroom ) staring at us. She says " Awwww, how old?" I say, 6 months. Then comes the same old story, "man she is so tiny". I ask myself, do I go into the whole nine yards? Or just let her think we have an abnormally small child? I let her think whatever she is thinking & sis & I leave that restroom, that is in the NW corner of the store, in the rearview mirror. Next time, Dad is going whether he does crafts or whether he doesn't.
  Here she is after her big day, desperately trying not to sleep.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring !

 So here is our attempt to get just the RIGHT picture of sis for the first day of spring:)

  Before I show you . . . We went and got the last synagis shot yesterday ( RSV preventative ) & she weighs 13 pounds & 14 ounces. Whale of a kid. Usually she screams bloody murder & I want something to hide under, but yesterday she was a peach. . . . just looked around with big bleary eyes & smiled at Doc like he was the koolest thing since peanut butter. I was so apalled by her behavior that the nurse decided to check her temp just to make sure she wasn't coming down with anything. I guess going to the Doc in the rain on a monday morning no less, fit sis's schedule yesterday. Silly child. You just can't second guess these little mites.

This is my favorite

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First Stroller Ride

 Once again it has taken me way to long to update this silly little blog. It has been so wonderful outdoors! There are even some little flowers blooming in the yard. I love spring, who doesn't? This winter has been mild, and it makes me wonder if we will pay for it later on. . . but as of now, it's nearly perfect. So I will take that:) Sis is doing fabulous, growing like a weed, as babies seem to do. I wish we could freeze her at this size right now. She grins at everything you do, life is all fun and games. We went on our first walk the other day, we were gone about an hour and she just primly sat in her little buckled in seat. It was funny, several people we passed said, " she is so tiny " . . .  Nope, huh-uh, she is huge. She has probably quadrupled her birth weight. I'm thinking of making a sign that pleads her cause.

I suppose you are thinking how tiny she looks:)

She really doesn't have a red face. . .but a bright red stroller
& my camera skills combined made for an interesting look.

Ok . . . maybe she is swimming in there.

Happy face.

Sound asleep. When they fall asleep, you think of
the 378 things you will get accomplished, but
instead you marvel at the reality of not
being continuously paged. Plus you have to
walk over and stare at them every other minute.
It's a busy life.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Glimpse of the "highly" excitable weekend

So this crazy blog says I haven't posted anything since February 29. I do sincerely wish it would learn how to count. Here I sit under my mop head wearing my pink PJ's with little white stars staring at the clock on the microwave that hasn't learnt how to count any better than the blog page, wondering where the day has went, I was going to get all this "stuff" done, but nope, nada. Here are some pics of the weekend with little miss.