Monday, October 24, 2016

Age before Beauty

  Today, while waiting in my beautiful wonderful gas saving mom wagon, Bodie and I were discussing the dirt on the windows.

He says, "mom what is it?"

I say, "dirt"

He says, " no mom, it's duck poop."

So there you have it, ducks actually poop out dust.

   Then I see her, this little old lady, cute as she could be. She had on blue knit trousers,  hot pink fabric canvas shoes, dark rimmed dinner plate spectacles, and protecting her frizzy white hair was the brightest red scarf with fringe tassels by the millions.

   She ever so cautiously stepped off of the curb, and thotfully chose her steps back to her car. It was an old one. A blue kind of old with a missing hubcap. Then I realized she had
put on her gloves, stretched out white gloves with itty bitty blue stripes.

 I desperately wanted to follow her home. She was beautiful. Her hands have done so much more than mine. There was something about her. It dawned on me then, we are all beautiful in this exact age we are in at this given moment. Don't dislike where you are at in numbers, it is only that, a number. The most magnificent thing about us is our souls. They are eternal and they do not age. What's more, each one of us has been meticulously designed by the creator.

  So in the morning when you rise, fluff your hair and unfurl your wings. If God is clothing the lilly and feeding the sparrow, what oh what must he be doing with you?

Ecclesiastes 3 : 11

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Scars for Jesus

  Mind if I chat with you for a minute?

You see, I have mostly toddler conversations during the day. Today we went over the fact that the Dragon does still indeed live behind the green cupboard. Would he like that I hung up a few fall leaves with lights on the top? Or would he get them off?

Seriously ?

Yep...he was serious.

It's quite a dragon...sometimes he leaves the house to find some munch.

I believe you get the picture.

  Today I heard something.  That something was this, "use your scars for Jesus". It's made me think. Hard think. What are my scars? What are yours? Mine? I have a child in heaven... and the one down here is a beautiful wonderful special needs girl. I suppose those are my big ones.

  At school she has this wheelchair.  I have a tremendous love/hate relationship with that black giant thing.  Every day I put on my game face. I don't like to see her in it ... and yet, it is the most handy chair you've ever seen. Every day it stabs my heart way down deep where I don't allow people to go. But, today I saw something different. It was almost a flash. I was headed out of her classroom door and I turned one last time to look at her, and there were 5 or 6 children crammed around that beastly chair. One little boy was touching her face chanting her name...the others were trying to hold her hand and talk to her. I realized then, she has a spot to fill right there in that chair... her spot in the world is actually bigger than mine. I believe it. Her head was held high and on her face was the cutest smile I've ever seen. She was in her own little heaven.

  So it is up to me to use that scar for Jesus. It won't always be easy. God takes something bad and uses it for his good. It is a beautiful thing.

   So don't stuff your scar. You never know who you might help just by being honest about it.