Friday, November 9, 2012


Yesterday, while shoveling in "sketti's"
I suddenly went into a panic. What if this cute-faced
person grows up & becomes independent
enough that she won't need to call me every day?
What oh what do you do then? I do
believe the life of a mother is
is a treacherous one. Then I got to thinking how
much she has changed in just one year. I am putting this
following picture on here so you can see for yourself. If
she changes this much in one year,
what will happen in 17?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


   I used to "chuckle" at those moms running around town with their "crazy-haired" children, & I do believe I jinxed myself. Olivia will soon have more hair than I do.  I do not even bother to comb it anymore, maybe only once in a great while. Really tho, I LOVE it. I pat her poor head so often I'm surprised her hair isn't a giant grease-ball. She is a delightful kiddo. Here a few weeks ago J.D. had to go to Denver for a class, so it was kiddo & I. One afternoon she had fell asleep & I didn't think she would EVER wake up. I was so bored and so sick of walking from one room to the next, I went in and woke that poor child up. I always think, man if only she would take a nap, I could get a cities worth of work done. It never happens. I'm better off when she's awake and making noise.

   The other day, I decided to stand her up in front of me and see if I could get her to walk with me. Now remember, this is the kid that only learns from repitition. I used my feet to nudge her itty bitty ones several times & it clicked in her brain. I was ecstatic to say the least. She moved one and then the other, like as if she had been practicing, we've kept on getting her to do it and she will cover a little distance with some coaxing. I'm not sure whose chest puffs out more, Dad's or mine. We of course have a lot of "finessing" to do, but never-the-less, her little brain is catching on to it.

    We are currently nearly 16 weeks in the making of a sibling for her. Crazy I know, but true. I never cease eating. My life consists of hovering around, over & under my refridgerator, pantry, cupboard, and pretty much any place that has a look of selling food. Last saturday I managed to wolf down a quarter pounder, LARGE fry, apple pie, chocolate chip cookie, & a bottle of water all in one sitting. To bad you couldn't be there, I had to tip the fry carton upside down just in CASE I had MAYBE missed a crumb, dumped the apple pie box over, sad that 2 didn't fall out, and slobbered my water down in a flash.


Bring me some.

I even cleaned out a thing of baby prunes after supper the other night. It is getting rather serious, I'm afraid. If your driving through town and see a "hippo" behind a steering wheel in a blue truck, do not have an accident, it is, in fact, just me. Probably meandering thru town in search of my next meal. I will quit now, I think you get the picture.

Me & my hair.

. . .& again.

Me & my one sane parent.