Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dear God

   Help me to be a good mama today. Sometimes I get so bogged down with my little chores I forget to see the beauty. I want to remember always how good I have it and everything you have given me. My children, give me just enough patience,  enough wisdom,  enough grace, while  we're raising them.  Their tender beautiful souls. My heart hurts when I think of them stepping up to the gate to see sister for the first time,  but for now they're entrusted to us.  Be with sissy,  Help her muscles, grow her brain strong and clear,  & help her to face the world with shining eyes. . . & Bubba, help him grow strong and tall,  and to love you.  But most of all dear God,  Help my children to make this world a brighter better place. Be with us all today.  Forgive us when we do not understand,  & when we go astray. Thank you thank you thank you. For the moon, the stars, the trees, & for friends near and far. Be with us all, Amen.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


  I flew around the corner today, chasing Bodie Lee, who had taken Suzy ( sisters doll) to find him merely sitting at his little school desk pattering with the alphabet.  Never mind that Suzy was dumped head first into the cup, her hind end looking at  me. I just stood there and stared at her for a minute. . . Then decided I'd best go back around the corner to check on sister,  who had nearly fell off the couch. Is momhood seriously this knock down drag out chasing hauling tail insanely busy???? Really & truly??? I have to plan the next 17 things out
In my head so I can get anything done at all. Goodness Gracious me. And to think some people actually vacuum their floors, oh, and can. You know, vegetables and things like that. Now, MY very own veggies are currently in wilt stage completely intertwined with 5 species of bind weed. That's exactly what they're doing.

Have a lovely relaxed day. Is that still a word???

Thursday, June 18, 2015

This World

  I love this world I'm passing thru. I've had the chance to live here for awhile now. It's beautiful, even if somedays you have to remind yourself of that.  My new favorite time of day is dusk. Everything is getting ready for slumber and every night I have to walk around this little plot of land and wish every thing good nite. ( please don't think I'm weird ) The meadow of wildflowers aka: a giant patch of weeds, that I love, the garden,  the grapes,  the sun, my little rows of flowers, I dream of having a flower farm someday,  the morning glories, and most of all my family.  I love to watch them go to sleep.  Every night I resolve to do better the next day. We have it good down here,  amidst our hustle and bustle.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


  I have been having so much fun watching my kidlets interact with each other. I have been missing my blog. I've always had a serious urge to write. I love lightning bugs. I need to get back to blogging, because I just do. For my own good.

  Today while fixing the kids lunch, Bubba climbed up on the chair by sister, and said "sissy!!" And proceeds to sing her a song.  She grinned so big I checked her face for a crack. I've been drawing shapes on a chalkboard and then I ask Bubba what they are,  now he says to sissy, "sister, who dat?" And then answers his own question. It's the cutest funniest thing EVER. I put her in the recliner after school ... he says "sissy itsa ball!" Then brings her every ball he can. Now.... he still gets a Tupperware lid & whacks her upside the head every once in awhile .. it isn't all heaven and roses .. but he's getting it figured out. The last picture is him saying "sissy itsa puppy !! " then hits the rooster button. She is gonna be one confused individual.