Monday, September 15, 2014

Olivia turned 3

Hello world. I'm getting big.

& happy birthday to sister up in heaven

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A few of my favorite things. . .

I'm sitting here in my basement "office" . .
Laugh Outloud. It is not an office, but a cave in which I stash
my favorite things. Except for the humans
in my family. It is DEADLY quiet in this house.
Both my kiddos are ASLEEP. . .
WHA WHA WHA ! ! ! ! ! !
Don't you love how I don't blog for 17 days and then I do
three days in a row?? I don't even want to
know what that particular syndrome is called.
A few of my favorite things include
1. Coffee ( 90% cream 10% coffee)
2. Granola. It can be bought in a green
box. Titled "breakfast to go"
Get the kind that's S'mores.
Just Trust me.
Never mind that it's 3:38 P.M. or that
really they are for JD's lunch.
3. My newly made tassels
4. My recently purchased Pom Pom maker
5. My owl that I embroidered and
now I need to paint the frame. Any
color ideas?
6. Yet another Mollie Makes Magazine
who invented Magazines anyways?
They invent, I spend.
7. My computer on which I communicate
with the outside world
My milk glass vase. LOVE Milk Glass.

Thanks for the ear. I needed to "talk".

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sister's first day of school

September 1st I set about 5 alarms on my phone.
I was convinced I would oversleep
& get my small child to her first day of school late.
Got her all gussied up. Ain't she cute?

So big.

On our way. . . I actually didn't stay.
We went and met the teacher before hand. . .
& seen her a few other times. I finally
had to realize that they are capable of doing their job.
Over-protective phsycotic me.

Bode-man & I went to the park to "waste" the
time away. She is only in class from 8:15-9:45. He managed to
poop his pants and I used up all the

Which meant he needed to land in a mud
puddle ten minutes before pick-up-sister

After we picked her up. . .teacher said she never
even cried. She was super tired tho. She
seems to like school. She is always on the
move after we bring her home from school.
it's just so hard for me to fathom.

Took Bodie & the American Flag to
the courthouse & had some fun :)

Let Freedom Ring
Land of the Free

I'll just pick this one.