Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Parade

 Now just suppose you lived up the grassy hill beyond the Cypress forest a little ways, on the same side of the city that Mr. Noah was assembling his ark. Then suppose that your daughter had married a son of Noah's 

  She'd been coming home lately and giving you updates on the building of this giant structure that everyone was talking about. She was saying that it was awfully close to being finished. Then she proceeds to say that she'll be getting on. You look at her in bewilderment. She looks at you with silent questioning eyes, would you join? And in your head you're thinking....get on a boat...a giant boat...with somebody who says God told him to build it....and that it's going to rain, but it never has. She leaves, she says they'll be packing a few belongings any day now, and tells you which day they are planning to board. 

 You get back to making supper, tell your man what she had said, you both just wonder what is going on. Bedtime hits the land and you fall into a troubled sleep. Next day while outside in the garden, you hear a noise, something different, and it steadily gets louder. 

  It's animals, every kind you could think of, running, flying, walking, even the ones that typically would never show themselves out in broad daylight. The noise of the hooves is deafening, a parade of every kind of fur you could ever imagine, then you realize that they are not being led by a man. They are heading straight to that boat, almost as if there is was other place to go. In complete amazement you watch them board that ship along with Noah and then his family, and your own daughter.

Can you imagine?? Really imagine standing there and watching that?? The more I think on it, the more it boggles my mind. Then on the heels of that, I can't imagine someone not realizing that there was a much greater being than us mortal humans, leading those thousands of animals, then watching
 that door shut. Then it hit me...I do it all the time, I overlook the work God is doing, he may not be leading a parade of animals, but I can guarantee you he's doing far more than our small human minds can even begin to fathom.

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