Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Mr. Noah

   Been thinking a bit ... Ok... A LOT about Noah. There are so many lessons to be learnt from that story. It is far more than just a tale of a man and a ship.

  I would love to be able to get all of my thoughts down...but that is a bit of a struggle sometimes. This may come out fairly jumbled. I'll just go ahead and apologize in advance. If you're not particularly interested in reading a jumble..then I highly suggest you tap your screen and go to a different address on this space we call the World Wide Web.

  Here goes. In reading this story...I honestly think that it is a picture of the plan of salvation. Hear me out. It may take a few posts if I can get them all out, for me to explain my theory. But......just for a starting point. The faith of Mr. Noah and his dear Mrs. Can you even imagine if your husband came home and told you he was going to build a ship? Not just a boat to pull behind his muscular Chevy. Nope. In fact, a ship so large, he actually needed to rent a lot, ok, half a mile of space. Indeed, he says to you, God told me to. Would you not look at him just a tad cross eyed? Maybe think he wasn't getting all of his sleep? Or better yet, tell him to go mow the lawn? It's rather unfathomable... I wonder just exactly how God told him. You suppose it was a dream? Oh, and by the way dear Mrs. , it's going to flood around here, never mind the fact that it hasn't ever rained before. God is going to wipe out the world. I suppose she went back to her duties, and wondered what in the world was happening. But in the end she must have supported him I suppose, because she sailed with him.

  The faith it took to build that boat, in front of the eyes of the world, is beyond my comprehension. First of all, he must have been keen to the spirit, and secondly, he had much more faith than I have ever had. I envy him. To know God told YOU to build a boat. The exact dimensions even. Right down to the very little details. I wonder if he second guessed himself thru those years of construction, you suppose he did?

 I want faith that strong.

  Goodnight world.

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