Thursday, July 6, 2017


   Today began like any other. I woke up late...had to do the mad dash...and I mean a dash. Had to get Jones to summer school ASAP.

    Got her there a minute late...then took Bodie to the Coffee shop..his idea...then scrambled over to Dillon's. Flew thru there like a crazy woman...found the exact watermelon I wanted in the bottom of the giant box...tumbled in with only my hind end poking out, grabbed that thing and went to check out. Had 8 minutes before I needed to get I chose the self checkout. Yay me. Bodie wanted to pick his yogurt off of the table thing...I kept telling him he couldn't because it would start beeping at me. He didn't comprehend my frenzy type I proceed to lay into him. Really lay into him. He starts crocodile tearing...I get more annoyed. Then we flutter out to the van. Throw stuff in there...and I look at him and continue my rant....that is...until I really look at him.

   You see, we are raising Gods children....they are only borrowed to us for a spell. And today I failed miserably. While looking out my freshly smudged glass door today, the reality of how much grace is required to cover MY sin, made my soul start to feel crumpled and my body actually felt like it started to wither. Then it dawned on me, there is a giant golden tub of grace that we can bathe in. It isn't a limited supply. It is a glorious never ending amount, given to us by God himself.

   So I jumped in. Most likely I'll have to again tomorrow. Jump in and wash my sin off in that beautiful thing called grace, otherwise my dirt will be far too thick for my light to shine.

   I did go tell Bodie that I had messed up tonight...he nods his head and reassured me that he does still love me. How I love these children.

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