Monday, October 24, 2016

Age before Beauty

  Today, while waiting in my beautiful wonderful gas saving mom wagon, Bodie and I were discussing the dirt on the windows.

He says, "mom what is it?"

I say, "dirt"

He says, " no mom, it's duck poop."

So there you have it, ducks actually poop out dust.

   Then I see her, this little old lady, cute as she could be. She had on blue knit trousers,  hot pink fabric canvas shoes, dark rimmed dinner plate spectacles, and protecting her frizzy white hair was the brightest red scarf with fringe tassels by the millions.

   She ever so cautiously stepped off of the curb, and thotfully chose her steps back to her car. It was an old one. A blue kind of old with a missing hubcap. Then I realized she had
put on her gloves, stretched out white gloves with itty bitty blue stripes.

 I desperately wanted to follow her home. She was beautiful. Her hands have done so much more than mine. There was something about her. It dawned on me then, we are all beautiful in this exact age we are in at this given moment. Don't dislike where you are at in numbers, it is only that, a number. The most magnificent thing about us is our souls. They are eternal and they do not age. What's more, each one of us has been meticulously designed by the creator.

  So in the morning when you rise, fluff your hair and unfurl your wings. If God is clothing the lilly and feeding the sparrow, what oh what must he be doing with you?

Ecclesiastes 3 : 11

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